Read INC's Article about our battle with counterfeits:

Small Businesses Say Amazon Has a Huge Counterfeiting Problem. Brush Hero, a 'Shark Tank' Company, Is Fighting Back

Beware of counterfeit Brush Hero products! They will not work! 

We are seeing counterfeit Brush Hero products appearing across the internet and shipped directly from China. These are cheaply made, violate our trademarks and patents and will likely not work. They are also not compatible with our brushes. We cannot support you if you have purchased one of these units, as we are not manufacturing them in our UK facility. We implore you to return the item as counterfeit and report the seller's illegal behavior to your credit card company!

Signs you have purchased a fake:

  • Shipping Time is 12 days or more.
  • Box says "Made in China" in addition to "Made in UK."
  • Box is dark blue and brushes are crammed in and possibly misshapen. 
  • It most likely will not say "Brush Hero" on the bezel. 

This is the most common fake box that we've seen - it's made out of cardboard instead of high end plastic or card stock like ours and is usually crushed.  They've just copied our customer service emails...and patent numbers! 


Made in UK? Nope. Look closer.

Made in China... AND UK

This one cracks us up - That's Kevin, our founder (or his leg) and his neighbor's dog...on a box from China.

That's me!

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery but wow...