10 Cool Gifts for Car Lovers!

With the holidays right around the corner, we thought we'd hook you up with a little gift guide for car freaks! Of course, we're a little biased because we think OUR products make an awesome gift...but maybe you already have a Brush Hero or simply need a few more ideas. We've got you! 

  1. Action Camera
    This is a cool accessory if you want to show off your driving skills, with tons of different mounts for your car. Or you can use it to record your kid's birthday party!
  2. Brush Hero Super Bundle
    We warned you! We DO love our own products. The Brush Hero is NOT just a rotating car brush. It's a cleaning MACHINE! The Super Bundle is the Starter Set on steroids! It includes the Brush Hero Pro with improved water-saving trigger handle PLUS our Soap Star accessory. The ultimate grime-fighting team!
  3. Power Line Power Cup 
    A cool converter shaped like a coffee cup? Fits right in your cup holder! Not a need...but definitely a want!
  4. Seat Hooks
    One of those things that makes you say, "Didn't know I needed it until I got it!" So convenient for hanging up groceries, etc. 
  5. Vacplus Car Vacuum Cleaner
    Seriously. Who doesn’t need one of these? Parents...we don't have to tell you how awesome this is. 
  6. Car Garbage Can 
    Again...EVERYONE. Again...parents feel this to their core. Another super convenient accessory - and a great price! 
  7. Car Pillow
    Trust us. Your neck will thank you. Great gift for someone with a long commute! 
  8. Catch-All Caddy 
    Another not-so-pricy item that solves a real problem for drivers. This things serves as an organizer for things you always want handy; and it also serves a gap filler for accidentally dropped items. So cool. 
  9. Car Door Emblem Projectors 
  10. Brush Hero Master Set
    You didn't think we'd get out of here with only ONE Brush Hero mention, did you? This is our Full Monty. This one is the ultimate, and well worth the money. A car freak's dream.