The History of Spring Cleaning

by Jen Wittes March 23, 2016

The History of Spring Cleaning

Though some areas of the country are getting one last hit of stubborn and arrogant SNOW, the vernal equinox occurred over the weekend. Yes, we are officially in spring! 

Spring is truly the season of the Brush Hero - with barbecue covers coming off, dusty old bikes leaving the shadowy corners of the basement, golf clubs and yard tools leaving hibernation... 

'Tis the season for spring cleaning! To organize, scour and refresh! But when and where did the tradition of spring cleaning begin? There are a few theories...

  1. The Jewish tradition of cleansing before Passover.
  2. Christian preparations for Easter celebration, in symbolization of rebirth.
  3. The custom of "shaking down the house" for the Peruvian New Year.
  4. Common sense and necessity after "coal burning season" - when the house would literally be covered in ash and soot after the long winter.

Today, spring cleaning is a time to dust, air out the house, let pillows and blankets bask in the sun, free up the toxins that have built up in the home over the winter. We also change over the wardrobe - from coats and boots to light cottons and linens. 

And then, we turn our attention to the garage! We sweep, organize, rearrange and set the Brush Hero on every last thing we can find - sand toys, kayaks, rakes, the lawnmower. Bring it on, Spring! We're ready.


Jen Wittes
Jen Wittes

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