5 Car Accessories We Love

Why make traveling hard on yourself when you can buy the perfect accessories for your vehicle to maximize comfort and efficiency? With a few accessories, you don't have to let small problems add up in your car. Here are 5 car accessories we love that are quick fixes for some common nuisances.

1. Car Wastebasket

Does your car ever get littered with wrappers, receipts, old water bottles and soda cans? Before you know it, a small trash pile can consume the interior of your car as it grows with garbage. A simple solution is throwing a car wastebasket in the backseat of your car. Just remember to change it before it gets smelly!

2. Cellphone Mounter

Quit staring at your phone in your lap while getting directions, or worse, holding your cellphone in one hand while navigating! Distracted driving is incredibly dangerous, especially with one hand on the wheel. A cellphone mounter will keep your hands where they're supposed to be, and let you view the map on your phone without taking your eyes off the road.

3. Drop Stop

Dropping small items between the seats of your car is incredibly frustrating, especially while you're driving. The drop stop is perfect for blocking the gaps in your car where a phone or loose change might slip in.

4. Keysmart

Fishing around for the right set of keys can be a bit of nuisance. Luckily, a keysmart keeps all of your keys organized and accessible, without feeling overly bulky. 

5. WeatherTech Mats

WeatherTech car mats are perfect for keeping stains off the floor of your car (and they're incredibly easy to clean with the Brush Hero!). Whether taking kis home from soccer practice, or steeping into a slush pile in winter, WeatherTech mats can be custom-fit into your vehicle no matter the size.