Cyclocross Love

by Jen Wittes August 26, 2015

Cyclocross Love

muddy cyclocross raceIn December, Brush Hero was featured in Cyclocross Magazine's 12 Days of Crossmas Holiday Gift Guide. The perfect gift for cyclists? We think so. Here's what Cyclocross had to say:

"Originally marketed for cleaning autos, the Brush Hero is perfect for tough, muddy bike cleaning jobs, even if the mud is sadly from last weekend's race. It's an impressive piece of water-powered engineering...easy enough for a five-year-old cyclist to operate."

Thanks Cyclocross! We love you too! 

Team Brush Hero does in fact AVIDLY support the cyclocross community, both as an official sponsor and, individually, as participants! 

We sponsored several races this season, including the Mid-Atlantic Sportif Series finale, BikenetiCX and the Ed Sander Memorial Classic. We washed literally thousands of bikes over a very muddy season! 

Though the Brush Hero was originally marketed as car detailing tool and has MANY other uses, we are grateful for the overwhelming enthusiasm and support from the cycling community! 

Jen Wittes
Jen Wittes

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