Brush Hero SAVES water!

by Jen Wittes February 13, 2016

Brush Hero SAVES water!

With reports of several states "running out of water" and drought restrictions across California, we are asked about Brush Hero use and water waste  constantly. We take these concerns seriously! 

Brush Hero was actually designed with conservation in mind. 

  • The Brush Hero uses 50% LESS water than the standard free flowing garden hose.
  • For auto cleaning, the Brush Hero uses about the same amount of water as a typical bucket and rag car wash. 
  • It uses SIGNIFICANTLY less water than a commercial car wash.
  • The easily accessible toggle switch allows complete control of the flow. While moving between tasks, you can switch from on to off to partial flow. This helps save water.

In developing a water-powered gadget, we understand the scrutiny. That's why we designed a simple, innovative tool that makes car cleaning, housework and yard work easier... and less wasteful. 


Jen Wittes
Jen Wittes

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