Brush Hero Staff Spotlight: Kevin!

by Kevin Williams April 08, 2017

First Name:  Kevin
Role Within the Company:
co-Chief Brush Guy and the one who does things like put a Brush Hero in the freezer to see what will happen...
Favorite movie:  Office Space
Favorite book:  Many. Anything by Mark Helprin, Dan Simmons but if pressed I might have to go with the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. All you need is a towel...
Favorite food:  Thai- Pad See Ew
Your best vacation ever:  I went to Patagonia...stayed for six months. Awesome food, great company and amazing adventures!
Least favorite chore:  Raking leaves, I actually like the rest of yard care, but feel like Sisyphus every fall...seems endless. Haven't yet figured out how to use a Brush Hero to help...  
Favorite thing to clean with Brush Hero:  Unsurprisingly, I have Brush Heroes all over the place - I've cleaned virtually everything you can imagine with them including my dog and children (sorry Asher...) but what I really love it for is cleaning my mountain bike, and myself after riding. I ride all the time and get filthy - then Brush Hero takes it all off - mud, grime, even occasionally, blood...
Favorite Brush Hero accessory:  Complete Shower Adapter Kit! 
Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams

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