Customer Spotlight: Gene Arnold

What do you use Brush Hero on?
My main use for Brush Hero is to keep my mountain bikes clean.

How has Brush Hero changed the way you clean?
I've got a lot of bikes and used to not always wash them right away after a ride. Now that I've been using Brush Hero I can clean them faster and easier which means I make it a point of washing them more often. This season was terrible for the North East! New Jersey saw more rain than ever so I was washing my bikes after every single ride! 

How has it made cleaning easier?
The Brush Hero helps clean areas of my bikes like hubs and inside the suspension that normally I have to spend more time to get clean. This really does speed things up for me. I also don't need as many brushes as I used to because the Brush Hero does it all!

What do you love about the product?
First, it's built well and works great! The last thing I need is for the product that's supposed to make my life easier not work and actually make my life harder! The Brush Hero really does clean better because it can spin and wash areas of my bikes that a normal brush can't. The cost for value is high. You get a lot of value and quality for your dollar. Finally, the product is supported by a wonderful company staffed by great people. I've been in contact with the folks at Brush Hero in the past and they all ROCK!