Customer Spotlight: Kevin Krieger!

Kevin is an extreme athlete/endurance trainer, father of two and Youth Pastor. 

What do you use your Brush Hero on?

My 3 main uses for the Brush Hero are my Mountain Bike, my muddy shoes after a trail run and my car wheels. 

How has Brush Hero changed the way you clean?

The Brush Hero has saved me a ton of time cleaning up after a ride or a run. In a world that is go go go it’s nice to be able to clean up caked on mud in a fast and effective way. I compete in Obstacle Racing, Mountain Biking and Off Road Triathlon racing so I literally need something that can clean the things I need quickly, because I'm always busy prepping for the next event. 

How has it made cleaning easier?

You hook it up to your hose and go. It’s literally that fast and that simple. It doesn’t get much easier than that! Also, I can easily get a lot of hard to reach places on my bike and my car wheels.  

What do you love about the product?

I love that it’s powered just by my hose! I don’t need to recharge anything, nothing to plug in, just attach it to the hose and go. The accessories available for the Brush Hero - the Soap Star is my personal favorite - compliment the product well.  Also the customer service is great with Brush Hero, which is pretty rare these days. Lastly, it’s a powerful tool. You would think just running off the hose might cause some lag, but it really doesn’t. It's seriously strong. It spins even when I apply some pressure to the surface I’m cleaning.