Father's Day!

Father’s Day is quickly upon us! Here are five Father’s Day standards that are hard to avoid. Why mess with tradition?

  1. Golf.
    Nothing beats golfing on a beautiful Sunday in June. Dads, Grandpas and kids alike will enjoy putting on the plaid shorts and polos for this Father’s Day ritual.

  2. Dad Jobs​ Kid Style.
    The ever looming “Dad Jobs” will be handed off on a list to the kids of the house! Dad usually mows the lawn on Sunday? Not today! That job is passed on to his adoring fans...the kids!

  3. Bike Rides​.
    Whether you have a Bicycle Dad or a Motorcycle Dad, odds are he’ll want to spend some time on two wheels! Kids, don't forget to do the Brush Hero duty to handle that road muck after your ride.

  4. BBQ.
    ​Adorned with an apron that reads “Hi Hungry, I’m Dad” he’ll be making dad jokes and flipping patties with a smile on his face. He’ll show you just how this grilling thing is done.

  5. Bad Dad Gifts​. This tradition is for the birds. Will this be the fifth year you give Dad that same travel coffee mug? Or another tie for the man who works in construction? 

Of course, WE think Brush Hero is the PERFECT Father's Day Gift - and the only tool capable of cleaning up your Father's Day MESS...the grill, the dog, the truck, the motorcycle...BRING IT ON!