4 Motorcycle Rides You Don't Want To Miss This Summer

The weather is warming up! It's the time of year when all riders start itching to hit the road! Here are some of our favorite rides from all over the country...

  1. Needles Highway

    This ride will take you through some of the most incredible and breathtaking landscapes. You'll cruise through Custer State Park, which has plenty of cool wildlife for viewing and campsites for those overnight trips. You'll be talking about these otherworldly views for years to come! 

  2. Pacific Coast Highway

    This is going to be all about the ride. Your passenger will enjoy the beautiful views, while you get to have a terrific time handling the winding roads. This iconic route is packed full of great stops. Throw in west coast sunshine and salty ocean air - you've got the quintessential summer ride!

  3. Lake Superior Circle Tour

    This tour will show you just how much you've underestimated the Great North! It's a well-established motorcycle route, so you'll find plenty of fun stops alongside beautiful Lake Superior. Heads up, you may want your passport hand for this one, as it heads up through Canada!

  4. Red Rocks Amphitheater

    Nothing goes better with motorcycles than an outdoor concert, so why not attend one at the greatest outdoor venues? The surrounding area is beautiful, but the best part is the feeling of hopping off your bike near the gates and heading to the stage! 

Let us know if you too love these rides...or if we missed your favorite!