How to Properly Clean a Grill Using the Brush Hero

No Fourth of July party is complete without firing up the barbecue. But maybe after grilling chicken, corn, and hot dogs for your guests, you've built up muck and wore out your grill rack. Not to worry, in honor of national grilling month, read our tips for preventing build-up and scrubbing flavor-killing grime off your grill.

1. First, make sure the grill is turned off, and if using a gas grill, that the tank is screwed shut. Remove the rack from your grill, and allow it to soak in a bucket. Then, using the brush hero's high torque, low speed mechanism, clean the grill by wiping off residue without excessive force.

2. Cover the heating elements inside the grill with aluminum foil. Then, scrub the interior hood and sides with the brush hero.

3. Don't forget to brush off any grill cabinets, or your grill's tarp if necessary. Stainless steal wipes will help polish off the grill.