One Good Turn Deserves Another...

We are proud to partner with Columbus Community Center in the assembly, packaging and shipping of our products. Columbus is an organization that 100% lives by its motto: "Entrepreneurs of the Human Spirit." 

Columbus employs uniquely-abled individuals who might otherwise have difficulty finding work. They provide training, as well as a safe and empowering work environment. This in turn provides independence and fulfillment for the an ethically sound and socially forward-thinking business solution for companies who want to do good.

Columbus has done an phenomenal job with Brush Hero, meeting the demands of a busy holiday season and ALWAYS responding to our needs. They are a ridiculously nice team of people to boot!

Because we believe in what Columbus does and because we so appreciate how wonderful they've been to work with, we are giving them a donation of $1 per Brush Hero from our Early Bird Christmas Sale. It is our hope that this small gesture of thanks will help this great organization continue to grow and continue to change lives!