Recognition for Team Brush Hero!

We're extremely proud of this one. Kevin Williams, one of our founders, recently accepted this award at Columbus, the stellar organization which assembles and distributes our Brush Hero products. 

Columbus is dedicated to providing employment and enrichment opportunities for people with disabilities, which in turn fosters a sense of independence, camaraderie, meaning and growth. Columbus is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

We are not only proud to provide employment opportunity for those who might otherwise be overlooked in the application process, but to keep much of our production and assembly in the United States. 

Said Isaac Adams, Business Operations Manager at Columbus: 
"I am pleased to be the one to pass this award letter on to you in recognition of you, and your company’s, efforts and dedication to work with Columbus to improve the lives and families, of those living each day with their disabilities.  Through the work we have brought to CPS through our partnership I get to see the difference that is made in their lives, and the value of what we do here; none of which would be possible without businesses, like RGK, which strive to give back on a social level, and contribute to their local communities."

Chief Brush Guy Kevin has a long history of pursuing ethos in the workplace. He actually attended business school with the intent of finding a job as a Corporate Social Responsibility advisor. Many experiences along the way furthered his interest in "doing the right thing" as a company and he now makes decisions for Brush Hero and other RGK brands which aim to do no harm and furthermore have a positive social impact. 

Go Team Brush Hero!