Skip Brunch. Get Mom a Brush Hero!

by Jen Wittes May 09, 2017

10 Things The Brush Hero Can Do to Make Mom's Life Easier

  1. Dad will spend less time obsessively cleaning the car and more time hanging out/helping with other chores.
  2. Little league filth - gone. And, Brush Hero is easy enough for Mom's little slugger to use on his own.
  3. Patio new.
  4. Fido's muddy paws...not in this house.
  5. Gross, unappetizing, possibly carcinogenic charred on BBQ residue is scrubbed away in 5 minutes flat.
  6. If she shines up her super cool mountain bike, she'll enjoy riding it more.
  7. Rain gutters done (with the help of the extension wand).
  8. Small children making mud pies - no problem. The stiff white brush works well on rain boots, the soft black brush is safe for little fingers and toes.
  9. Crusty old pottery leads to easy spring cleaning.
  10. (Most important.) "MOOMMMM, I'm boorrrred..."  Why don't you go play with the Brush Hero?
Jen Wittes
Jen Wittes

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