5 Piece Garden Hose Quick Connect Set

  • Includes durable and high-quality adapters for all types of garden hose & faucet threading
  • Quick & Easy - Time-Saving Product - The simple design allows users to quickly remove and add the desired hose/ faucet adapter
  • Includes 2 Male tool adapters, 1 female faucet adapter, 1 female garden hose tool connector, and 1 male garden hose tool connector
  • Durable equipment that will simplify your backyard & garden work
  • Adapters are compatible with many types of garden hose tools, sprinklers, and spray nozzles

This 5-piece garden hose connection kit contains all the necessary types of adapters to allow quick switches for garden tools using the quick-connect system. The two durable male tool adapters are threaded to enable them to be tightly screwed into faucets or a female end of a garden hose, and the other end is a standard quick-connect designed to connect to most garden tools, sprayers, and sprinklers. The female adapter connects to a faucet or the male end of a hose, and has the standard quick-connect on the other end, allowing for quick tool attachments and removals. The kit also includes two garden hose tool adapters, designed to connect to both the male and female ends of a garden hose with the quick-connect system designed to connect to the standard garden hose tools. This is a high quality, durable product that allows the user to quickly add and remove all the necessary adapters for garden hoses for backyard and garden work.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Quick transition

Makes swapping attachments super convenient. Was a great accessory and the price was much less than what I would have expected for such a nice item.

Comes put all together so give you an idea how to use. If you were worried. It is pretty basic co...

So funny I looked and looked for a connector for my dish washer and I looked everywhere for over a year. And it isn't available any where. This I got because I wanted to use outdoors for easy quick connection for the hose. Looking at it I found it was the perfect size for both my hose outside and the dish washer too!! Comes put all together so give you a idea how to use . If you were worried. It is pretty basic connecting one to the other. Includes 2 Male tool adapters, 1 female faucet adapter, 1 female garden hose tool connector, and 1 male garden hose tool connector. I received this product(either free or at a discount) in exchange for my writing a honest review. All my opinions are that of my own and in no way have been swayed.

Problem solver

This allows for quick connects on each end and was the solution to my problems connecting the faucet, pressure washer and hose nozzle. The material, while not metal, seems sturdy and does not leak.

Product is as described by seller

This product worked as described by seller. I would have loved some instructions or photos showing various ways this could be used. I figured it out by reading and looking at pictures from other consumers.I received this product at a reduced price for an honest review.

Be smarter than the garden hose

I bought this to use as I am attempting a square foot garden area in the back yard. I also have many border gardens that need watering. Felt like an idiot because when you open the box, it has no directions or what part connects to which end of the hose etc.I don't have all the drip hoses connected yet. However, I did ask my father to help me know where to install on which end of the hose. I had my father try it out for me. He loves using it, he might steal it for his yard."you received the item at a discount in exchange for a review. "=snagshout *Added later, my dad loves it and did steal it from me. However he has a yard about times as large as mine. :D