About Us

Officially launched in June of 2015, Brush Hero has already enjoyed significant success and an enthusiastic following. As one customer said: 

“Sometimes you get that one item that goes way above and beyond your expectations. Brush Hero has done that for me! I have found my new favorite gift for all my friends and family!”

As car geeks who are also cyclists, we were looking for a cool wheel brush that cleans both cars and bikes gently, without displacing the grease. In Brush Hero, we created so much more. It works on bikes, cars, grills, patios, garden tools, planters, pots…even pets! 

In 2018, we pitched our product on ABC's Shark Tank and were offered two deals, which we ultimately walked away from. It was an unforgettable (however cringe-worthy) experience. We'd do it again in a heartbeat! 

A family-forward, socially-conscious company.

Brush Hero products are assembled, packaged and distributed by Columbus Professional Services, an organization "supporting the growth, development and independence of persons with disabilities" by providing them with healthy and safe employment opportunities. 

We are committed to maintaining our status as an ethically sound business. Our founders care about fair wages, warehouse environments and have - through the years - served as activists against abusive work environments. 

We enjoy everything about what we do - working together, talking to customers and fighting the war on muck! We love the Brush Hero and know you will too!