Powered by the simplicity of a garden hose, Brush Hero was designed for expert level auto detailing. But that's not all it can do! 


Use Brush Hero to: 

  • Clean tires, rims and hubcaps.
  • FINALLY navigate around hard-to-reach spots such as lug nuts and wheel spokes.
  • Erase charred barbecue residue.
  • Wash the dog!
  • Make outdoor furniture look like NEW.
  • Clean up motorcycles, bikes, boats and ATVs.
  • Brush away mold and other unwanted build-up.
  • Take WORK out of the equation and have FUN cleaning!



Brush Hero packs a powerful punch: Innovative design, simple use, total torque.

  • No batteries or electricity required!
  • Connects to any standard garden hose.
  • Can be used with hose-end soap dispensers.
  • Rinses as it scrubs!
  • TOUGH on dirt, gentle on your paint job.
  • Uses about the same amount of water as a bucket and sponge car wash.

No mechanical parts Everything is easily replaceable - including the detachable brushes.

IT'S NOT MEANT TO SPIN FAST! The Brush Hero scrubs with just the right amount of torque - no more, no less.

The durable plastic is made to stand up to cleaning chemicals, and you’ll never worry about rust or corrosion.

It's SO easy! With a continuous flow of water, Brush Hero both self-cleans AND rinses away dirt. You can FINALLY scrub those tricky, hard-to-reach places and clean EVERYTHING without the usual backache.