Master Gift Set

ALL the favorites from the Brush Hero catalog. This gift set is full of Brush Hero WOW. 


  • Brush Hero Pro:  Our Starter Set with the Flow Pro water-saving trigger handle and original white (stiff) and black (soft) brush heads. 
  • Soap Star:  Deluxe hose-end soap dispenser, for use with the Brush Hero OR included 7-pattern sprayer. 
  • Muck Buster 16oz:  Viscous soap, custom-formulated for use with the Soap Star and Brush Hero. 
  • 18" Extension Wand:  Add reach to your scrub! 
  • Power Paw:  Chenille car wash mitt. 
  • Sidekick Mighty:  Extra plush, super absorbent microfiber towels. 
  • Navigator:  Tapered brush for cleaning tight, tough-to-reach spots. 
  • Grimefighter:  Extra tough brush for obnoxiously stubborn muck.