Quick Connect Indoor Shower Adapter

Allows you to adapt your Brush Hero to most indoor showers and sinks that already have a hose and wand feature. With two male connection parts and one female Quick Connect collar, you can easily switch from your regular handheld shower wand to other shower accessories, including the Brush Hero! 
  • Clean bath tubs and showers, pets and more! 
  • Easily move from Brush Hero to shower wand use.
  • Compatible with most shower accessories.
  • Rust and corrosion resistant. 

Set includes 2 x fNPT to male Quick Connect and 1 x mNPT to female Quick Connect. Also includes 1 x mGHT to 1/2 mNPT adapter to connect the Brush Hero to the Quick Connect Set. 

Everything you need to adapt the Brush Hero or other accessories to existing shower hose, with ease of Quick Connect feature.