Super Bundle


The amazing Brush Hero, plus our two most popular accessories!

This all-in-one cleaning package includes:

  1. Brush Hero:  This simple, yet innovative, water-powered turbine comes with two interchangeable brush heads. Use the soft black brush for sensitive surfaces and the tough white brush for serious muck. Connects to any garden hose!

  2. Soap Star:  Add suds to your scrub with this hose-end soap dispenser! For use with the Brush Hero or without. 

  3. Flow Pro Trigger Handle (usually sold separately):  Boost the Brush Hero's existing water-saving design with this trigger handle, which helps reduce water waste.

The Brush Hero family of products cleans EVERYTHING! Cars, bikes, tools, toys, grills, patio furniture, pets and more. 

No batteries or electricity. No mechanical parts. Just add water!