The Essentials

The Essentials

This set includes the basic accessories needed to get the most out of your Brush
Hero! Add suds, add reach and fight the WAR on MUCK! A great gift for any Brush
Hero newbie!

Set includes:

  • Brush Hero Starter Set

The standard Brush Hero cleaning turbine with 2 interchangeable brush

  • Soap Star
This hose-end soap dispenser can be used with the Brush Hero itself, or
with the included 7-pattern sprayer.
  • Muck Buster

Our custom-created viscous cleaning soap, designed for use with the Brush Hero and Soap Star.

  • 18” Extension Wand

Say goodbye to backache! Easily clean tough-to- reach spots by adding 18
inches to your Brush Hero!

Gift wrap available and includes artful shredded fill and box, neatly wrapped and tied with a bow.