MUCK BUSTER Biodegradable, All Natural, Highly Viscous Automotive Soap Formulated for the Brush Hero, 16oz

Specially formulated in the USA for use with the Brush Hero tool and Soap Star accessory.

Muck Buster is a revolutionary, ALL NATURAL detailing shampoo, producing superior shine with no filmy residue left behind. There’s nothing else like it.

  • Biodegradable 
  • Viscous & Long-Lasting
  • All Natural

This concentrated formula creates a thick foam which easily cuts through brake dust and road muck, while gently preserving the pristine condition of chrome and paintwork.

Muck Buster conditions the surface of your vehicle, leaving a smooth gloss and brilliant shine. Also great for mountain bikes, motorcycles, lawnmowers, yard tools and more. While designed for use with the Soap Star and Brush Hero products, it’s also a great bucket and rag detergent. Just make sure to dilute it (about 1 oz. of Muck Buster per 5 gallons of water).