TURBO BOOST GIFT SET For Car, Bike and Motorcycle Detailing

The Power Boost is our deluxe gift set! Everything you need to fight the War on Muck!

This set includes:

  • Brush Hero Pro - the original Brush Hero with our new Flow Pro water-saving trigger handle PLUS two interchangeable brush heads.
  • Soap Star  - deluxe hose-end soap dispenser and 7-pattern sprayer, for use with Brush Hero or without.
  • Grimefighter  – extra tough brush for extra tough muck.
  • Sonax Multistar Cleaner  - great multipurpose cleaner for car interiors, exteriors and more.
  • Sidekick Mini  - our premium, everyday use microfiber towel - a pack of eight.

 The whole shebang comes in a gift box, complete with silver wrap and bow!