Wicked Wash

We're thrilled to announce our partnership with Wicked Wash!  

Quite a few members of the BraBLASTS MUD AND DUST - Perfect post-ride cleaner for your bike. Emulsifies stubborn build up, muck, dirt and dust.

This is an excellent partner that cuts through mud and dust WITHOUT displacing protective oils and grease.

Together Brush Hero and Wicked Wash make the perfect team - providing a powerful clean that's tough on muck while also gentle on lubricants and almost all materials - aluminum, titanium, plastic, carbon and more.

Simply spray Wicked Wash on and hose it off OR use it with the Brush Hero Ultimate Detailing Tool for extra scrub! 

Wicked wash does not contain petroleum, alcohol or citrus, making it safe to spray on EVERYTHING! It won’t contaminate disc brake pads or rotors and will not degrease your drivetrain or dry your seals. Perfect for active mountain bikers, cyclocross racers, weekend cyclists, even motorcyclists.

Wicked Wash is a great multipurpose cleaner as well! Use Wicked Wash cleaning spray on more than just bikes – clean your garden tools, car wheels, pottery, household surfaces and much more!